Re: A Third Method of Apology

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Sun Aug 08 2004 - 18:50:28 EDT

> >Why in the world does apologetics have to focus on Genesis 1 - 11?
> Because of the YECs, that is why. You can claim that it shouldn't be so,
> but regardless of whether or not you are right on that narrow issue, the
> YECs, make it important to deal with this area in a way that makes sense
> to them.

Granted - IF our audience is primarily YEC. But in today's world that's
hardly the only group for which an apologetic is needed. & for all the
importance of keeping YECs from apostasizing when they realize the flaws of
that viewpoint (as you have emphasized), there are also multi-millions of
educated non-Christians for whom an apologetic focussed on proving the
historical accuracy of Genesis simply misses the point of their concerns, if
it isn't actually counterproductive.

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