Re: E-Day for Oil

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Date: Sun Aug 08 2004 - 10:27:02 EDT

Dennis wrote:

> From what Glenn has said about oil company executives seeing the oil
> picture through rose-colored glasses, is this perhaps true? As early as the '50s?

He can also simply be closer to knowing what is out
there. Whether oil companies have lied in the past
or not is not evidence they are lying now.

At least, it might be wise to hold such insinuating remarks
for a few more years and see where the direction is really
going. And why the conspiracy anyway? Don't you think
someone would squeal? OPEC was well documented effort,
no such evidence has surfaced for Big Oil in recent times.

Actually, I can remember some crazy neighbors tossing gasoline
onto the street and burning it back in the late 60s. Gas was
really cheap back then. I think it wasn't until OPEC that people
even considered gas mileage. It was there to be consumed,
that's all.
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