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Date: Fri Aug 06 2004 - 14:31:02 EDT

The investment world is starting to pick up on the oil-rates crossover. One of my favored sources (www.dailyreckoning.com) occasionally puts out sales-sounding ads, and one is posted below. The message is spreading quickly into the general public if the investment people are showing interest.

These guys know how to rhetorically out-gloom the best of us scientists/engineers, and I thought the hypermotivated language might be a bit of a kick for those of us involved in the energy issue. They say:

And we'll blame 'Big Oil,' which not only BURIED this evidence back in the 1950s, but as recently as THIS YEAR used even more false data to boost its own share prices!

From what Glenn has said about oil company executives seeing the oil picture through rose-colored glasses, is this perhaps true? As early as the '50s?

I find former Stanford U. economics prof and Christian, Gary North, and the other Daily Reckoners to be one of the more credible sources for what's happening out there economically and financially - and socially.

Dennis Feucht

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Subject: E-Day

A Daily Reckoning Investment Alert


'On July 2, 2006, a SEISMIC energy 'event'
will END the age of cheap oil forever...
ERASING over 150 years of American prosperity...
And OBLITERATING the wealth of millions of investors...


Think $40 Oil and $2 Gallons of Gas Are Bad?
Get Ready For Prices FOUR TIMES That High!


Do nothing, lose everything. Or you can
make as much as 668% on the two stocks that are set to SOAR as the chaos unfolds...

Dear Reader,

'E-Day,' the MOST DEVASTATING FINANCIAL EVENT in 150 years, will arrive July 2, 2006. That's my best estimate.

And no, you won't hear any bells go off.

They won't even talk about it on the nightly news... until it's too late!

We'll start the finger-pointing with the politicians who IGNORED this savage threat because they knew it would DERAIL the elections!

      'I posted 140% gain - great pick!... 'Only' 64% [with Northgate] -- another w! inner... Great job!'

      -- Charles B., Outstanding Investments Member

Next we'll blame the media that shunned piles of MIND-BLOWING evidence available years ago because it simply wasn't sexy enough for the headlines!
We'll blame OPEC, which deliberately hid the TRUTH about this crisis for over a decade... just so they could hike up their own export quotas and rake in more oil profits!

And we'll blame 'Big Oil,' which not only BURIED this evidence back in the 1950s, but as recently as THIS YEAR used even more false data to boost its own share prices!

But even when the finger-pointing is done, we'll still have the earth-rattling crisis I'm about to reveal. What crisis?

$8 to $12 for a gallon of gas... huge fuel lines... even 'gas riots' like we saw ou! tside London in the year 2000...

Airports empty because it's too expensive to fly... supermarkets empty because it's too expensive to ship goods!

Think it can't happen? Think again!

America -- along with the rest of the world -- is about to run out of cheap gas! When it happens, your wealth... your health... and your whole way of life will come under jeopardy!

In fact, it has already begun. The mob is ALREADY the past waking up to what could become the most vicious and unpredictable financial time in the past 150 years of world history!

A new Cold War on the shores of the Caspian... new terrorism and oil killings in Saudi Arabia... military conflict over offshore oil under the South China Sea...
We All KNEW This Crisis Was
Coming, but Not Nearly This Soon!

Let's not kid ourselves. EVERYBODY knew 'E! -Day' would come one day. You can't burn through a resource that doesn't replace itself... and not expect to run out eventually!

What hundreds of thousands of people... perhaps millions of people... never realized was that it would happen this SOON!

Even according to plenty of so-called 'experts'... we weren't supposed to run out of energy for another 25 - 30 years! But that's not the way it's happening!

The mad scramble has already begun. The whispers have started. The world is already off balance. And now, the wide-eyed optimists are in for the SHOCK OF THEIR LIVES!

This devastating event... which nobody expected for decades... is lurking right around the corner. The actual day, according to my best calculations, would be on or around July 2, 2006.

But you have even less time than that to get ready.

Because the panic begins even sooner... as the mob and the markets wake up to the historic reversal ahe! ad!

This is no small event!

Already, we're seeing the symptoms of a collapse. Think about it. Soaring oil prices. Tension between petroleum-starved economies. Deadly terrorism in Saudi Arabia.

This time, it's not really about ideology... it's about geology. Deep underground, the world's source of cheap oil is on the brink of running out. And nothing you do to make or protect your money can or will ever be the same again.

I can promise you, these will not be easy times ahead.

But I can promise you something else, too.

I'm confident, in the wake of this crisis, that even as most investors lose fortunes and many world markets spiral into chaos... a few smart energy investors will still get very rich! But not in the way you might imagine, buying major energy stocks.

How then?
In the pages that follow, I'd like to show you two simple 'safeguard' investments you should make right NOW to get ready! for huge leveraged gains when the rest of the mob wakes up to this impending event. Please visit this link to learn more !


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