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Date: Fri Aug 06 2004 - 13:42:40 EDT

From: "Donald Nield" <>

> I am reminded of the character in a novel by James Michener who in the
> 1930s anticipated a coming war in the Northern Hemisphere and who chose
> to emigrate to a safe place well away from urban civilization. The place
> that he chose was Guadalcanal.

In real life, there were Germans who read the trends before WW II and moved
to the Phillipines, only to be wiped out by the Japanese. We live in an
unsafe world, but finding a safer place than the developed world is only a
part of my motivation. Much of it is that the future lies there. The social
conditions of the developing world are those of emerging cultures in some
places, whereas clearly (to me) the developed world has run its course.
Whether America is renewable or under God's judgment is a key question. I
discern it to be the latter, not only for its apostasy, but by the
consequent indicators. No state in recorded history has gotten as deeply in
debt as the US now is, and in record time, going from the world's leading
lender after WW II to the world's giant black hole, sinking wealth from the
rest of the world at the rate of 2 billion $ US/day, while being the world's
leading issuer of fiat money, itself a fraud scheme also unrivalled in world

Dennis Feucht
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