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Al Koop wrote:

> I don't think that there are too many people who will disagree that as we procreate more and more humans, there comes a point when some resource necessary for growth will become limiting. This became an issue in the 1960's with the publication of Paul Ehrlich's, The Population Bomb, and the essays of Garrett Hardin, including The Tragedy of the Commons. In 1972 there was a book published, The Limits of Growth, based on computer simulations, at least to some extent based on models from MIT, that concluded we had less than 100 years before the human population suffered a catastrophic decline unless we took sweeping steps to limit human population.

A copy of Forrester's original work (1971) can be found at


> So there was President Bush in a hard-hit industrial region of Ohio over the weekend telling voters, "The economy is strong and it's getting stronger." And the Kerry-Edwards team is assuring one and all that "help is on the way."

If I take out my crystal ball I would guess the following on the energy front.

In not too many years, the price of gas will double. If Bush is in office he will be blamed. If Kerry is in office, Bush will get blamed. All manner of fixes will get started and eventually, nuclear will rise again. Such plants will make hydrogen for cars. All of this will be too little too late. Americans will once again learn about car pooling. Fusion reactors will get built and we will find out those problems are.

Population? Zero preplanning will take place. Somewhere along the line, population will stabilize. It will probably be by starvation in the "have not" countries. War (the other use for nuclear capability) is good possibility



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