Re: Fw: Energy article from BBC news

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Mon Aug 02 2004 - 11:22:05 EDT

Wally wrote: "I would like to take the position (for a 4th or 5th time)
that we cannot solve the long term problem with energy type solutions.
Our basic problem is that there too many people for the earth's resources
 to accommodate. If not energy, then water, food, pollution or some other
factor will harm us in the near future.. Energy may or may not be the
most imminent problem but we must address the real problem of
overpopulation. "

Perhaps that position ought to be said more often. Wally and I sometimes
disagree; on this one we agree 100%.

I have read that the present population and technology is using earth's
resources at a rate of 400 times the rate they are being replenished.
This has all come in the last 200 years -- before that the
use/replenishment rates were about equal.

Quite obviously, this cannot continue indefinitely. Yet we argue about
when the crunch will come -- as if 5 years or 10 years really makes any
difference in the long run.


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