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Joe Roberts wrote:

1. Nature is a double-talker ? quantum physics, energy/matter,
double-edged swords

    in many relationships. Paradox/ ambiguity.

You would certainly agree that jumping off the 63rd floor
of a skyscraper would not be wise both because you would
certainly die and because you would tempt the Lord in doing so.

What if God told you to do it, as in Abraham with respect to Isaac, and

What some say here is that God is the __sustainer__ of all
the laws of physics and we are entirely dependent on His
Grace that these laws are moment by moment upheld. At his
mere will, all could vanish. The reason we have difficulties
with science is simply because the world God made is very
complex and hard to understand. Moreover, scientists are not
always humble as they should be and can become protectors of
their own theories, rather than children wanting to understand.

Supposedly at Big Bang time there were different laws in force, so these

principles may vary over time. I depend on God's holiness in the

You might also consider that some here also wonder if
God may at times be influencing events in the world through
a mechanism like quantum mechanics.

What about the viewpoint in Men in Black? and Black Holes?

God has granted us a mind to reason with, and even a
limited awareness of him making us spiritual animals.
We are granted the __gift__ to think just a little bit beyond
that tiny little box we call our universe. He has given us eyes
to see beyond the cosmic foam to something far more profound
than our puny minds can grasp. Yet what are we in fact, that God
should even bother with us?

This awareness is our awe or fear of the LORD. The gift you mention is

discussed in the letter to Hebrews. I wouldn't use the term foam. The
mind is

of much more usage than to perform logical deductive reasoning.


Don't you think that attributing these deep and profound
__blessing__ to Satin is just a little bit presumptuous?

I wouldn't call principles a blessing. A relationship is a blessing.


This last weekend I made a list of all the miraculous things hard to
literally believe

in the Bible, for me personally. There were 71 of them . In many I would

say they make the story more interesting, at least from a child's

viewpoint. Jesus said we would need a child's viewpoint to get to

heaven. So is there something we are missing here in our adult

ranting and raving over the quagmires of ambiguity?



By Grace alone we proceed,
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