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From: Terry M. Gray <>
Date: Tue Jun 29 2004 - 10:30:53 EDT


Not to disagree but just to underscore a point...

>Terry wrote:
>> That's why I've often argued that there
>> is no such thing as "natural"--I much prefer to speak in terms of
>> God's regular and irregular manner of governance.
>This is my view as well. In fact if a term is helpful, I think "anomalism"
>could be a ready and science friendly replacement for "supernaturalism".
>The divinely created regularities we see in nature form a stability for


And these regularities are moment-by-moment maintained in addition to
being originated...the creation--even in the regular--is NEVER
without God's participation as ground of being, sustainer, provider,
persuader, concurrer, governor, telic force, designer, etc.--look at
all that process language and even some ID!--(I'm also more than
happy not to speculate further...Scripture tells me about these
aspects of God doesn't tell me how God does it in
mechanistic--if that word is even appropriate here--detail.

The fact that the spectre of theodicy comes up in this discussion
comes almost immediately out of this intimate involvement of God with
every detail of the created order.

>life. The irregularities or anomalies represent divine change. Both the
>stability and changeability are part of the divine telic process of life.


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