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I don't believe I've missed the points made in your earlier post; it simply appeared reasonable to me that we should first take a step or two back in order that we might begin our debate from an agreed position. Instead, you offer me the mantra "Even if everything you say above is true, & even if it proves that the Bible is absolutely true...". George, this is hardly good enough; my claim is extraordinary and surely deserving of an informed and considered response, for its implications - if true - are tremendous, as I'm sure you would agree.

You chose to enter the fray with the words "Once more into the breach." - and I greatly appreciate that. So again I ask, _in your view_, does Genesis 1:1, in the original Hebrew, warrant the accolade 'standing miracle', or not? - and if not, why not?


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    Thanks for these views, George. But rather than proceeding on too broad a front can we, for the time being, focus on my basic claim that the first verse of the Bible, in the original Hebrew, is both a fundamental statement and a compound cipher - what I have described as 'a miracle set in stone'. There can be little doubt that it is the work of an extraordinary and purposeful mind - the writer anticipating by some hundreds of years the development of the key that unlocks the cipher, viz the Jewish practice, from circa 200BC, of writing numbers using alphabetic characters - this effectively ruling out all possibility of human authorship.

    Can we then agree that, based on the independent evidences presented and discussed on my website, Genesis 1:1, as originally rendered, is indeed, a miracle of supernatural design?

    Vernon -

    You have completely missed my point. Even if everything you say above is true, & even if it proves that the Bible is absolutely true, it still does not answer the essential question about the types of _true_ literature that we have in the early chapters of Genesis.

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