Re: The state of suburban theology

From: Howard J. Van Till <>
Date: Fri Jun 25 2004 - 15:02:37 EDT

On 6/21/04 11:16 AM, "John W Burgeson" <> wrote:

> Howard posted: >>"Scientific knowledge is not about the universe in its
> wholeness but only
> about some structure selected to fit the demands of the techniques and
> theories available to the human mind at any given stage in the
> development
> of scientific thought. What is true of science in this respect is true of
> philosophy and theology or any other way in which the human mind might
> attain knowledge."
> Howard Van Till>>
> Are those your words or a quotation from somewhere?
> Either way -- very useful summary. I'd like to try to work in
> Polkinghorne's concept of verisimilitude with it, along with the saying
> ""It has become clear that science is not in contact with ultimate
> reality; that at best it describes the waves and not he water of
> reality." I don't know where that one came from either.

This is quoted from "My Intellectual Autobiography" by Henry Nelson Wieman.

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