Re: Evolution: A few questions

From: Burgy <>
Date: Thu Jun 24 2004 - 11:58:54 EDT

>>The variety of options raises the question of whether we can determine if some are better than others. Is there actual progress, or is it just personal taste? Are YHWH, Molech, Zeus, Ungabunga, and Xipe Totec equal options, or not? Why? >>

A good point. I agree.

>>On the other hand, a very strong match for personal taste might raise
suspicions. Reality is not as simple or easy as we might like.>>

The more I read quantum physics, the more I come to agree with this.
>>Just as the anti-quantum, YEC "common sense" physics seems to have little connection with reality, theology that depends principally on "does it suit my views" is likely to meet with skeptical reception. Process theology seems rather vulnerable on this ground; a god that does not require anything of us nor do anything we might not like seems too convenient to be realistic. >>

Hmm. I was not addressing process theology. My understanding of it (primarily from Griffin's book) does not conform with your closing comment, although I have seen some writers refer to it that way. I think they were setting up a strawman argument.


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