Re: Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Wed Jun 23 2004 - 23:22:38 EDT

Vernon, for whatever reason decided to ask me for links to where
Socrates called me Glenn Moron. I cut out his private note but I will
respond publically. I don't see why this kind of behavior should be
swept under the rug. Here is my reply to Vernon.
There are lots of them. I never complained to the TW moderators because
what Socrates did drew me to TW and he found I was a bigger problem than
he thought this moron was. He has been absent from any discussions of
data. He only appears now and again to call names.
Among others. What I did was start posting geology pic after geology
pic for about 3 months, always asking why the YEC leadership never
discussed those data in their journals and inviting Socrates to comment
on them. He never did. he would call me all sorts of names but he never
addressed the data. He finally went silent for several weeks. One
person who had been on TW for much longer than I told me that she had
never seen Socrates go silent for so long as after I appeared. It is a
very bad tactic to poke your adversary with a sharp stick.
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