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Date: Mon Jun 21 2004 - 19:53:56 EDT

Vernon. I first heard about theology web when a person on Talk Origins
mentioned that someone called Socrates was calling me Glenn Moron. I
decided to go have a look. Socrates has been a very nasty individual.
But he never, ever really discusses the data. He merely calls me names,
or casts aspersions on my christianity. All in all, dealing with him
shows me how unchristians and unloving, some christians can be
expecially towards those they think are enemies.
That being said, I think Socrates got more than he bargained for when he
enticed me on the board. I post pictures of geology and he really
didn't like that.

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As we exchange emails in this forum it would be nice to suppose that we
are also informing a wider audience - so we need to get our facts
straight. A minor point, I know, but you recently suggested that Glenn
might use the Welsh expression 'diolch y fawr' (sic) when replying to
me. I subsequently pointed out that this should have read 'diolch yn
fawr', i.e. 'thanks a lot'. You now defend your error with the statement
'...there is a difference of north and south welsh'. Whilst I agree that
there are some differences, this is not one of them. Clearly, you need
to tighten up on your clever 'one-liners' - particularly those delivered
in Welsh!
Thank you for casting some light on your aversion to Jonathan Sarfati.
When time permits I shall follow up the link you supplied.
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