Re: Dr Jonathan Sarfati

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Mon Jun 21 2004 - 14:20:27 EDT

I have just obtained Sarfarti's Refuting Compromise. It is a diatribe
against many non-YECs especially Hugh Ross, done without love and charity.
If anyone thinks that is how a Christian should behave then I have no wish
to be associated with that brand of so-called Christianity. It makes Atkins
and Dawkins seem like paragons of virtue.

Bluntly, Vernon, you need to decide whether you wish to follow Christian
ethics or not. If you think Sarfati or Socrates are behaving decently as
Christians then God help you. You only have to consider 1 John 4 (which I
preached on yesterday) to see that this kind of behaviour is to deny Christ.

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