Re: Evolution: A few questions

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Mon Jun 21 2004 - 02:52:01 EDT

 This being so, I can surely put the same question to
> you: why would God have to work out a series of intermediate creatures
> leading up to the current forms?

Whether God had to do it this way I do not know, but those in the early 19th
century who worked out the fossil succession from first and
anti-evolutionary principles found that there was a long succession over a
long time.

 Why all the carnage over a vast period of
> time? Is our God incapable of creating all living forms, together with
> represented in the fossil record, simultaneously, in one mighty operation?

Of course He could have done, but he didn't as the whole geological
timescale and fossil record shows -unless of course God is a con-man and
liar decieving all thsoe honest Chrsitan geollogists.
> In the Scriptures, God has revealed what actually happened way back.

I take from this that you mean early Genesis is true literal history, if it
must be taken literally then you mist beleive the earth is flat as well.
 He can
> hardly be held responsible for the errors of those who have chosen to
> disbelieve.

Here again you are on your super-spiritual bandwagon. you can give no
argument against the fossil record over geological time so all who accept it
are disbeleivers.

As usual we go round in circles.

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