Re: Gay Marriage/Homosexuality

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Sat Jun 19 2004 - 10:19:08 EDT

Mike wrote: "I did read the article on the following page, though: For now, I will simply address
some problems I perceived in this article."

Thanks for the critique on John Shannonhouse's article from my website.
You have made some valid points.

The articles and links on my site are source material for the debate,
nothing more. I have not added a disclaimer because, when taken as a
group, they clearly do not all agree with one another. In short, I do not
argue John's position, nor any of the positions taken by those articles
and links except my own position statement, formulated over a long period
of study and prayer.

I will address two of your comments.

You say: "The Bible clearly tells us that "all scripture is given by
inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for
correction, for instruction in righteousness."

When this text was written, the gospels were as yet unwritten. Unless you
hold that the writer was explicitly forseeing the assembly of the 66 book
canon two centuries in the future, to claim that it applies to all the
scripture is problematic.

You alse say: "Paul's message in Romans 1:27 does not contradict earlier
passages from the Old Testament, but is in harmony with them. The
message that homosexuality is a sin is consistent between the Old and New

word coined to express a concept first seriously researched in that time
period. Certain homosexual actions ARE addressed in scripture; the debate
is between those who see those passages as applying to ALL such actions
and those who see those passages as applying to only certain actions
(man-boy relationships, in particular).

The papers and links on my site explore what various people think on
these issues. They are by no means a comprehensive list of citations.
They are, generally, most of the ones I read seriously before taking my
own position on the issue.



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