Re: Gay Marriage/Homosexuality

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Sat Jun 19 2004 - 10:01:48 EDT

Don wrote much; I reply in part:

I had written to Moorad: "While I do agree with some of what you write,
the above is offensive, for
you have taken a position (all same-gender intimacy is sin) and argued as
if it were self evident and that everyone else agrees with it. It is not
and many devout Christians do not agree with it.

Don replied: " You're right Burgy, it is offensive. Some see the
physical ... ."

You missed the point. The offensiveness I referred to was Moorad's
debating tactic (a form of affirming the consequent), and not to his
particular position.

Don: "If I met a gay person in church, I would only know if they told me.
 So their physical being must be important to them. But it is not to me.
 So why do they place such an importance on who they have sex with?
Because they MUST rebel and MUST tell others they have."

Two points here. I have met a fair number of gay and lesbian couples.
Generally they have NOT told me -- I recognize them as such because of
their coupleness. Just as I would recognize your coupleness with your
wife when I met you in a social setting. No more than that.

Second point. You ascribe to them motivations of a "rebel." That does
make it difficult to love them, doesn't it? You have labeled them
"outside" before knowing who they are. That, my friend, is homophobia.
You do not know (you cannot POSSIBLY know) what you claim in your closing


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