Re: Dr Jonathan Sarfati

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 02:47:32 EDT

Vernon, I am awfully sorry, old chap. I am afraid I am unable to see how AIG's unique brand of vitriol and bigotry as shown by dear Socrates and frequently directed at Glenn and Burgy among many many others can have the slightest connection with the Gospel of love and truth found in Jesus Christ.

It seems that to be rational and responsible is to accept all the nonsense poured forth by YECs who twist and distort and misrepresent they discuss. I attempt to show how YEC is neither rational nor responsible nor even honest. But it is very hard for anyone to persuade YECs that they might even be wrong.

I would point out that you have often pulled out the super-spiritual card on this list on those who are sensible enough not to buy into your YEC views or Mosaic maths (is Mosaic math better for those who can't spell)

Please put your house in order.

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  I found your recent email highly offensive. With your own unique brand of kindergarten humour - combined with a stolid refusal to discuss the big issues of life in a rational and responsible manner - you are in danger, I suggest, of being regarded by your fellow evolutionists as creationism's secret weapon.

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