Re: Dr Jonathan Sarfati

From: Roger G. Olson <>
Date: Thu Jun 17 2004 - 20:14:28 EDT

> Michael,
> I found your recent email highly offensive. With your own unique brand of
> kindergarten humour - combined with a stolid refusal to discuss the big
> issues of life in a rational and responsible manner - you are in danger, I
> suggest, of being regarded by your fellow evolutionists as creationism's
> secret weapon.
> Vernon

If Safarti is in fact the "Socrates" of, then any
pejoratives that Michael or I have put forth are more than justified.
It's a shame that you would defend such an un-Christlike character.
"Socrates" has closed the door of Heaven in the face of more honest
seekers of truth than the most forceful atheist apologist ever could.


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