RE: Gay Marriage/Homosexuality--what about bisexuals/transgenders

From: Roberts, Joe <>
Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 16:46:00 EDT

I would think that since this is in the DNA some, there must be a God
purpose as yet unknown, where they'll make an essential contribution to
mankind which people can appreciate and understand. Meanwhile, we get
frustrated mainly because of the COMPLICATEDNESS of this issue. I
include anthropology books below because this is essentially a
cross-culture issue.

Books on these subjects

Kevin Jennings et al, 'Always My Child: A Parent's Guide to
Understanding Your Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered or Questioning
Son or Daughter'

Thomas E. Schmidt, 'Straight & Narrow?: Compassion & Clarity in the
Homosexuality Debate'

Letha Scanzoni, 'Is the homosexual my neighbor?: Another Christian view'

Matthew Rottnek, 'Sissies and Tomboys: Gender Nonconformity and
Homosexual Childhood'

Evelyn Blackwood et al, 'Anthropology and Homosexual Behavior'

Evelyn Blackwood et al, 'The Many Faces of Homosexuality:
Anthropological Approaches to Homosexual Behavior'

Thoughts on the issue in general

Homosexual actions of SODOMY / practice are forbidden in Christian
scripture. Orientation is not.

There are 2 issues about orientation:

1. Do non-heterosexuals such as bi-sexuals and others way beyond
have a GENETIC = INSTINCTUAL predisposition which cannot realistically
be overcome to conform to a society norm? If it IS to be overcome, it
would be through the process of intuition, feelings, common sense,
reasoning, or
imagination. Those are the only other human faculties available to do
an override. We need a way to know which is needed to apply the aid and
recognize that it may be a case-by-case answer, very frustrating.
the rub.

2. If it's not instinct, it must be INTUITION charming them into
by exposure to the power of suggestion. Society has a rule-of-thumb
about acceptable relationships. Such rules can get complicated in these
situations. How complicated will society allow this decision making
sexual attraction process to become, without declaring a halt because of
it becoming overpowering for the straight young to understand a new
rule-of-thumb? At what age would such information be shared?

If this ends up in a catch-22 situation, a possibility as described
above, then society should at least provide a "safe haven" place for
non-standard sexuality. Perhaps this is San Francisco.

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