Re: Gay Marriage/Homosexuality

From: gordon brown <>
Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 15:45:12 EDT

On Tue, 15 Jun 2004, John W Burgeson wrote:

> >> If we spend our time debating whether the orientation is a "choice",
> we detract from the really relevant issue of
> whether the "choice" of yielding to the temptation is sinful.>>
> Not quite. If being a homosexual really IS a choice one can make, then
> the argument that they can (and should) change their orientation is a
> strong and valid one. Imagine a world where heterosexuality is found in
> 100% of all people. Such a world would be, I think, seen as "better" than
> the world we live in by most people, including some homosexuals.
> If it is NOT a choice, that argument is considerably weakened.

If it (the orientation) is not a choice, then gays' homosexual acts
forbidden by Scripture are just as worthy of condemnation as are forbidden
heterosexual acts by those with an unchosen heterosexual orientation. My
point is that although choice may be relevant if one is advocating that
someone reverse his orientation, it is unnecessary to make it an issue
when counseling someone merely to refrain from giving in to his

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