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Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 03:02:52 EDT

There's always the possibility that Sirfarti doesn't want people to know how
obnoxious AIG really is. They and other groups are so poisonous that I
cannot understand why people even give them the time of day.
Even if I agreed with them 100% I would have to oppose them on moral
Now it is time that I had a disagreement with three of you, it's a bit
overdue!! This bit of flippancy sums up the problem of dealing with so many

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> >> Why would Christians use pseudonyms
> in discussion? Do they not want others to know what they really believe?
> Do
> they want to avoid taking responsibility for the way they speak to one
> another? Why the anonymity?>>
> I usually don't speculate on the motivations of others, for long ago I
> figured out I was not God and really had little idea.<G>
> Jonathan Sarfati IS Socrates (99.44% probability) based on many people
> interacting with him over a year and seeing a writing style very similar
> to Sarfati of AIG. But it COULD be someone who just parrots from Sarfati,
> so one cannot be sure.
> Why does he do that? People speculate (on Compuserve's RELIGION FORUM)
> but its all just talk.
> Glenn can attest that the YEC writer John Woodmorappe is really known by
> another name. Speculation there was that the writer wished not to bring
> his YEC position front and forward to his employers. Sarfati, of course,
> cannot have that motivation.
> Tis a mystery! <G>
> JB
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