Re: TheologyWeb

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Tue Jun 15 2004 - 18:34:34 EDT

>> Why would Christians use pseudonyms
in discussion? Do they not want others to know what they really believe?
they want to avoid taking responsibility for the way they speak to one
another? Why the anonymity?>>

I usually don't speculate on the motivations of others, for long ago I
figured out I was not God and really had little idea.<G>

Jonathan Sarfati IS Socrates (99.44% probability) based on many people
interacting with him over a year and seeing a writing style very similar
to Sarfati of AIG. But it COULD be someone who just parrots from Sarfati,
so one cannot be sure.

Why does he do that? People speculate (on Compuserve's RELIGION FORUM)
but its all just talk.

Glenn can attest that the YEC writer John Woodmorappe is really known by
another name. Speculation there was that the writer wished not to bring
his YEC position front and forward to his employers. Sarfati, of course,
cannot have that motivation.

Tis a mystery! <G>


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