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> To focus even more, what is the relationship between today's supernatural
> interventionism (say, as embodied in YEC and ID viewpoints, and as
> from many suburban pulpits today) and deism?

Howard -

        The questions you've posed to Ted about the relationship between
deism & popular American Christianity are certainly worth pursuing, but
perhaps the term "suburban theology" needs some distinctions. In a lot of
suburban churches - particularly those loosely identified as "mainline" -
you may not here anything about YEC or ID & they may even be quite hostile
to the former. That doesn't mean that you'll ever here anything about
better approaches to science-theology relations either, but ID & YEC are not
"problems" there in the sense that they are in many Evangelical
congregations. (Though failure to address these issues may make people easy
prey for ID or YEC propaganda.

        I think this is a matter of some practical importance. The state of
science-theology understanding certainly needs improvement in both mainline
& fundamentalist churches, but the problems aren't the same & need to be
addressed in different ways.

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