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> Reminds me of the use of pseudonyms by YEC writers (John
> Woodmowrappe for instance) allegedly to avoid repercussions
> at their place of employment. Of course it also makes their
> credentials unknowable.
> Can a contributor to TW contact another contributor other
> than by posting his email and asking the other to respond? If
> not, I think the use of pseudonyms hampers real dialog.

I have asked several to email me and they have. TW has a private
message system which I hate. If someone doesn't like your private
message, they turn it over to the gestapo who then chide you for asking
for help. That happened to me with a YEC I sent a private message to.
Don't ever trust Apologist4Him.

The use of pseudonyms, I think is used to avoid embarassement when one
presents a YEC argument that is incredibly pathetic.
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