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Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 19:38:29 EDT

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> Although I spoof Glenn, I actually admire him for how he
> attempts to turn YECs around. (Don't tell him that.) I think
> that it is mostly futile but there is least one person who
> dialogues with him and may be influenced. (He
> -- like Glenn -- is one of the few who actually gives a real
> name. The disadvantage of giving a real name is that other
> Twebbers then run out and find out your real credentials. As
> a result, this person is put down by some as lacking any
> significant scientific credentials.) If Glenn turns around
> just one person then it is worth the effort. Besides, Glenn
> enjoys debate just for debate's sake.

It is true that I like the great debate. It is the way I have learned
enough to be able to have one patent in the pipeline and another in
process. The ability to put various pieces of knowledge together can be

As to turning people around, I can now count at least 4 people I have
influenced to give up YEC there. And I know one person who is wavering.
Another person is beginning to rethink ID. The discussion is worth it.
If no one fights for our religion and we let the YECs win, shame on us.
We would get what we diserve.

> Is Tweb a waste of time for most people? Maybe it but is
> interesting to observe that pool of people IMO

No it is not a waste. The ASA members are letting the atheists do most
of the talking about science over there. One or two are there--Burgy,
Roger Olson, Michael Roberts, but they are the exception. If the
atheists win converts then shame on us. The apathy I see here about
actually fighting for a rational viewpoint disappoints me. It would
appear that in general the atheists are more devoted to their cause than
we are. I know, everyone will say I once again write intemperately.
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