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From: Roger G. Olson <>
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 13:38:27 EDT

> "Roger G. Olson" wrote:
>> Walt,
>> BTW, many of us are also 99.9% certain that "Socrates" is Jonathan
>> Sarfati
>> (or So-farti, if you like.) It's a shame how he's treated the most
>> gracious Charleen Lohman, with whom I've exchanged several private
>> e-mails. She is a bright person who is active in her church (of mostly
>> YECs -- it's C&MA) and honestly seeking truth.
> I am not able to guess who Socrates is because I am not all that familiar
> with
> the AiG "biggies". I was considering an attempt at figuring out who he
> might
> be, but decided that it was not worth the research for me. I think that
> Glenn
> figured it out and got suspended for publishing it.
> Thanks for the info.
> What is C&MA?
> Walt

C&MA = Christian and Missionary Alliance

BTW, for anyone wishing to check out will surely note that
Sarfati in his "Socrates" persona is a bullying pompous blowhard who seems
to enjoy insulting his competition rather than answering questions. He is
especially bullying on the "Cosmogony" forum, which is restricted to
"creationists" = OE progressive creationists and YECs -- no apostate TEs
allowed. That's where he bullies Charleen, an example of a recent quip --
"I _am_ a scientist, while you're just a housewife!"


In God's Peace,

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