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Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 12:34:05 EDT

"Roger G. Olson" wrote:

> Walt,
> BTW, many of us are also 99.9% certain that "Socrates" is Jonathan Sarfati
> (or So-farti, if you like.) It's a shame how he's treated the most
> gracious Charleen Lohman, with whom I've exchanged several private
> e-mails. She is a bright person who is active in her church (of mostly
> YECs -- it's C&MA) and honestly seeking truth.

I am not able to guess who Socrates is because I am not all that familiar with
the AiG "biggies". I was considering an attempt at figuring out who he might
be, but decided that it was not worth the research for me. I think that Glenn
figured it out and got suspended for publishing it.

Thanks for the info.

What is C&MA?


Walt Hicks <>

In any consistent theory, there must
exist true but not provable statements.
(Godel's Theorem)

You can only find the truth with logic
If you have already found the truth
without it. (G.K. Chesterton)
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