RE: Gay Marriage/Homosexuality

From: Don Perrett <>
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 03:29:01 EDT

Thanks both,

It unfortunately is quite common for many to see those living in sin as
being unfit to be part of society. Sad part is we are all sinners. So if
those leaving others out are sinners, then who are they leaving out?
Themselves? Truth is, we must all see atrocities or we would not understand
right from wrong. This was our choice not God's. If we had chosen not to
know then we would not have these problems of making choices.

Don P

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> The negative reaction
> straight people have to the idea of homosexuality causes an enormous
amount of
> misery. The discrimination is intense and unrelenting, for those who have
> taken the hugely courageous step of coming out -- first to self, then
> and friends.
> It is a particularly painful thing to me that people who have decided they
> will not lie or pretend, and who are as courageous as this, are often not
> welcome in God's house.


Very well said! It is, indeed, a painful irony.

You referred to the lack of welcome that some courageous people find at
"God's house." Perhaps God has changed addresses.

Howard Van Till

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