RE: Gay Marriage/Homosexuality

From: Don Perrett <>
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 03:05:27 EDT

Don wrote, in part: " Perhaps if churches and people in general would not
make them outcasts of religion, we may find that God will direct them
towards a new life, without the sin they bear."

While I do agree with some of what you write, the above is offensive, for
you have taken a position (all same-gender intimacy is sin) and argued as
if it were self evident and that everyone else agrees with it.

It is not and many devout Christians do not agree with it.


Don P:

You're right Burgy, it is offensive. Some see the physical as being the
determining factor of their religion. Some seem to separate those who are.
I wonder though? Do those are nor interegate those who are not and if so
how do they decide who is not? Or, is it because those who are decide that
their spirituality is determined by WHAT they are and not WHO they are? If
I met a gay person in church, I would only know if they told me. So their
physical being must be important to them. But it is not to me. So why do
they place such an importance on who they have sex with? Because they MUST
rebel and MUST tell others they have.

Don P

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