RE: Gay Marriage/Homosexuality

From: Don Perrett <>
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 02:59:12 EDT

George M:
        Given that there is non-volitional homosexual orientation, how are
their sexual desires to be "controlled or defeated"? As I pointed out in an
earlier post, heterosexuals can marry. The Reformers pointed out in
connection with the marriage of priests that celibacy is not a gift given to
all. If homosexuals can't have recognized unions and if they can't be
expected to be celibate, what then?


Don P:
How are they to be "controlled or defeated", the same way that a desire to
have adultery is, or to commit murder, when one is in danger, or to steal
when one has no money to buy food for one's children, or to worship another
GOD when one doesn't find the answers he doesn't find looking at one's own.
One must look deeper still. Just because you have not found the answer in
one of the opposite sex does not give one the right to look elsewhere. Just
because one has not found money in one endeavor does not mean that one must
look elsewhere. Those in the past who have succeeded have done so through
their determination, even if ungodly. Why because they believed it to be
so. On the other hand those who believe in something wrong may succeed, as
it appears homosexuals are, but that does not make it right. Unions? Why
not? Then again, why not any other thing that is not specifically mentioned
in scripture? Celibacy is a choice, then again, so is heterosexuality, and
homosexuality, unless one believes otherwise, then one must consciencily
choose to not procreate. But for whose right? One's own, or Gods'?
Righteousness is for GOD and not me. In the end one must only make the
CHOICE to let GOD decide.

Don P

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