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>For many converts to Christianity in their provinces had practiced polygamy, and did not wish to give up all but one of their wives.<

This particular situation (as opposed to the question of whether one who is already a Christian ought to take up polygamy) is complicated by the problem of what happens to the other wives. Divorce is also a bad option (though necessary in some situations). Divorcees may have no prospects for remarriage in some cultures where marriage provides essential financial support.

The fact that having only one wife is listed as a requirement for church officers in the Pastorals suggests that there was the possibility of a polygamous church member.

Chesterton found the presence of a question about polygamy on the U.S. immigration form highly amusing. In addition to speculating on answers such as "No, thank God!" or "No such luck", he wondered about the likelihood of a covert polygamist trying to get into the U.S. answering the form honestly: "Yes, I am traveling with my forty-two wives disguised as secretaries."

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