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Date: Wed Jun 09 2004 - 16:40:40 EDT

On Wed, 9 Jun 2004, Don Perrett wrote:

> I'm sorry you were unable to see the LARGE letters I wrote "NON-COMMITMENT"
> which specifically denotes my objection to a relationship solely for the
> purpose of procreation. Nonetheless, procreation is an obligation we have.
> Aside from ancient reasoning, it is also a question of maintaining the
> species. I doubt that you imply that we should have self-genocide. After
> all who would want more people around praising the Lord. :) I suppose for
> argument sake one could simply accept it and hope that most abhorrent people
> will not procreate. I personally would rather that all were without sin.
> Is homosexuality and bisexuality a sin? In my opinion. But that doesn't
> make them any more or less sinful than the next person. The question should
> not be is it sin, but is anyone trying to change to live within God's
> intended purpose. Somehow I don't see staying celibate or gay helps God's
> purpose.


Celibacy is not a sin. Jesus was celibate. He had good things to say about
celibacy (Matt. 19:10-12). Paul had good things to say about it (I Cor.
7). Although it is used symbolically in Rev. 14:4, it is viewed

The Bible does not refer to "Be fruitful and multiply" as a command, but
rather it is said to be a blessing (Gen. 1:28 and 9:1). In OT times having
many children was considered a blessing. The same blessing of fertility
was first given to the sea creatures and birds in Gen. 1:22. God is the
one who is to be credited with accomplishing blessings. Men and animals
just did what came naturally. This blessing along with that of man's
domination over the other creatures has long since been accomplished.

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