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> Dennis -
> I'm going to abbreviate in the following so that it doesn't get
> unwieldy. If you wish you can have the last word on most of it but I
> reserve the right to respond if you want to continue on the papacy.
> Shalom
> George

I agree that we have chewed this over perhaps sufficiently for one thread,
especially since it has frayed into a number of different strands. It is an
act of discernment to know the proper handling of the OT law. I have swung
back in recent years to taking it more seriously, but learning how to do
that well is a developing art. Thanks for all your comments on this; they
have been helpful.

As for the papal origins, I would be interested in whatever you might have
to say about it. One reference I have looked at is under Simon Magus at This site, by the way, also features the eschatological
studies of Isaac Newton (so it is slightly related to a sci/Xny discussion).
The claim is not that Simon Magus was the first pope or anything that
direct, but draws on the writings of Justin (ca. 152 AD), and in particular,
his letter to the govt calling for the destruction of Simon's statue under
Roman law, and why. The site also says that Lactantius (who was early 3rd
century) refers to a Simon in his writings, but I haven't found it yet in
the ante-Nicene literature. At the moment, my only library is the Web.

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