Re: Shapes of a Wedge

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Tue Jun 08 2004 - 13:13:18 EDT

Moorad wrote: "I ask Burgy, would Christ officiate a homosexual union?"

There is no record that Jesus ever officiated at any union, so we have no

But I quite firmly believe that if he would officiate at a hetersexual
marriage, the answer is "yes."

I have watched a videotape of the marriage of my friends, Lois and Patsy.
Lois's husband died in an accident; Patsy's husband was abusive and she
divorced him. They found each other late (50+) in life. They are both
committed devout Christians; Lois is studying for the ministry. Their
children (by their former spouses) are healthy, happy, heterosexual

In the video I watched, Christ was surely present.

My daughter and her partner, both committed Christians, have similarly
found each other. Her children, my grandchildren, are also happy, healthy
hetersexual adults. A lesbian marriage ceremony is not easy to arrange in
homophobic Texas, but if one takes place, Christ will surely be there.

As my web site explains, if I was convinced the Bible spoke clearly that
these two relationships was sinful, I could not support them. But it
simply does not do so.

Ubi Caritas


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