AIG 3/3/04

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Tue Jun 08 2004 - 12:56:51 EDT

Here is the latest piece of nonsense from AIG. The email was sent on or
about 3/3/04. My comments after the dashed line:
Q: If public schools don’t have worship services—why does AiG sometimes
call them churches?

A: The point is that they are really churches of humanism. Secular
humanists view public schools as important for promoting their ideas.
Actually, they’re quite open about the fact that they have used the
public school system to indoctrinate children in humanism.

A few years ago, an article appeared in a magazine called The American
Humanist. The author claimed that the battle for mankind’s future would
be waged—and won—in the public school classroom. Teachers would be
converting children to the religion of humanism.

One of the ways in which they accomplish this is by teaching evolution as
fact throughout the public school education system. Today millions of
children are being indoctrinated—almost daily—in the belief that they are
just animals, that there is no God and that the Bible isn’t true.

A student can be well educated, but if he or she worships the creature,
as evolution teaches, not the Creator, then they will be lost for
eternity. All their education amounts to nothing if they have not
accepted Jesus Christ, the Creator, as Lord and Savior.
So many errors it is hard to begin.

"a few years ago an article appeared..." And that is supposed to be
evidence for their silly claim? Give me a break!

"Today millions of children are being indoctrinated ... in the belief ...
." That is a bold claim. As usual, of course, AIG just makes claims. They
seldom give grounds. Since the majority of public shool teachers in the
US are Christians, the claim sort of rings hollow.

"worships the creature, as evolution teaches, ... ." Of course,
"evolution" teaches nothing; people teach. And ever since 1859 -- indeed
before 1859, Christians of many persuasions have readily accepted the
theories and facts of evolution as simply good science, theories and
facts that have zero to do with the fact of God's grace; theories and
facts which, however, do falsify in a convincing manner the nonsense of
AIG and the YEC position.

But AIG here, of course, "preaches to the choir." I have little doubt
that they are effective in keeping in line those good folks who know
little of science, less of theology, and are content to let others do
their thinking for them.

John Burgeson,

Today's quip: They told me I was gullible -- and I believed them.

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