Re: Shapes of a Wedge

From: Jan de Koning <>
Date: Mon Jun 07 2004 - 16:55:51 EDT

At 12:03 PM 07/06/2004 -0600, John W Burgeson wrote:
>Jan wrote: "Examples: homosexual weddings, abortion etc. Again, a
>Christian party is needed, if it is only to tell the nation that they are
>on the wrong way.."

Christians may be divided on issues, but then they have to work together to
come to replies. You take one issue, on which indeed some disagreement
exists. The issue has to be dealt with, yes, however, let us do it as
Christians among each other first before making decisions.
Far more serious I find the fact that most political parties leave Christ
outside politics, and thus do not deal properly with matters like
poverty. It is a sin that we have as many poor people in our countries as
there are. Ezekiel 16:49 gives as the main reason that the LORD dealt with
Sodom as He did not the sexual sins of Sodom (though they existed as well)
but the way they dealt with the poor.

In the same way I strongly believe, that we in N.America are more guilty
because of the way we deal with the poor, than the way we talk about sexual
things. Sexual things are not the most important things. If they are we
are on the wrong path.

However, main parties (Canada and USA) talk as if our financial well-being
is the most important thing. (In Canada we still have a socialist party,
but unfortunately it is not strong enough to make any real difference.)
More could be mentioned here, but my main point is that our Faith is the
most important thing in the world, and it is pushed back as if it is nothing.

Jan de Koning
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