Is the bad news good news?

From: wallyshoes <>
Date: Fri Jun 04 2004 - 17:23:46 EDT

Is the bad news good news?

The bad news is that oil is running out and that we need a source of
energy to replace it. This is not so much bad news as it facing the
facts. We need to do something and it will be forced upon us. Alternate
energy sources will arise and they will not depend upon oil. Just how
bad is this?

A long time ago, I acquired a copy of the Koran and read it. It scared
me half to death. There was no doubt that Christians are infidels and
that they are better off dead. Maybe there is another way to read it,
but that is what I thought I saw. Everything over the past few decades
seems to confirm that view. The Islamic nations have long financed
terrorism. Even in a site that opposes terrorism, it can be seen how the
Koran can easily be interpreted “with the right to do so” as permitting
murder of those opposed to the religion of Islam.

In recent times, the Islamic nations have acquired great wealth through
their oil. Along with that wealth, came the ability to finance terrorism
– and it would certainly appear as though money has been directed that
way. If the (oil) wells dry up, the money dries up and the terrorists’
source of money dries up also.

So is the bad news good news? The Lord works is unusual ways.

No doubt I will be jumped upon for this post.


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