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From: "Chris Kuykendall" <chris.kuykendall@t...>
Date: Wed Jun 2, 2004 3:45 pm
Subject: ASA/List Archives Including Glenn Morton Commentary

I stumbled across discussion list archives of the American Scientific

..., the American Scientific Affiliation.

The archives are found at the following:

February 1996-March 2002

February 1996-June 2004

Click on May 2004, or before that April 2004, and you'll find commentary
on the National Geographic article, THE PARTY'S OVER by Richard
Heinberg, Tommy Gold's theory of abiogenic oil, and so forth.
Particularly interesting are posts by Glenn Morton, who I believe is a
petroleum geologist or petroleum engineer, and who I seem to remember as
having participated once or twice a while back on the energyresources
and/or ROE (before ROE2) discussion lists.

Chris Kuykendall
Austin, Texas
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