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Apart from whatever one does with Deut 4:2, the more basic question of how
the huperecho exousia (higher authorities) are to be identified was not
addressed by you. I gave
my best shot at addressing that question, that they are those who maintain
what is biblically right and wrong, however that might be considered.

The succeeding discussion was about what is biblical right and wrong. But
that's a detail; the central question of the discussion was: how are we to
identify the higher authorities. If we have an answer to that question, then
we are getting somewhere in determining how Christians are to relate to
governments of nation-states.

Dennis Feucht

> Dennis,
> I have pointed out that you insist that the passages from Deuteronomy are
> totally inflexible, requiring unconditional obedience to the whole. Then
> you make note of modifications. But your claim for the passage precludes
> even Christ modifying any of the provisions of the Mosaic Law. George has
> made the same point. And you insert a fudge factor. Since there are
> innumerable such factors, I see no point in continuing the discussion.
> Adios,
> David
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