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> > While it isn't the most important thing here, it's worth noting
> > the response of mainline Protestant & RC churches, theologians &
writers to
> > the Left Behind phenomenon has been less than adequate. Of course they
> > reject much of its framework & may speak disdainfully of it but the
> > little attempt to show people now un-biblical & in fact un-conservative
> > whole pre-tribulation rapture scenario is. This is in fact an idea
that no
> > one had ever heard of before the late 18th century & there is really no
> > biblical evidence for it, even with a quite conservative & "literal"
> > interpretation. But just as has with YECs, the pre-trib rapturists
> > been allowed to claim the "Bible believers" ground in the popular mnd.
> >
> It seems to have met with a fairly cool reception theologically in some
conservative circles, too. In the PCA, amillinial seems prevalent

    It's met with a pretty chilly reception by the great majority serious
theologians, just as YEC has. But that's not enough. If preachers &
teachers never give enough attention to it to show what's wrong with it, a
lot of people will be easy prey for such innovations. They're asked by
their friends, "Hasn't your pastor ever told you about the rapture. (I.e.,
the pre-trib rapture - a crucial distinction.) Well, no - because there is
no such thing. But the pastor hasn't bothered to tell them that either. So
the friend will go on to "explain" the rapture, get them to read one of the
LB books or see one of the wretched movies, & they may be taken in.

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