Re: sharia law allowed in Ontario

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Date: Mon May 31 2004 - 21:41:05 EDT

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Subject: Re: sharia law allowed in Ontario
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Michael Roberts wrote:

> Denyse
> If any of us can find 70 errors in your book, can we have a coconut?
> From previous postings it is clear to several on this list that you
> misunderstand a lot about evolution and are not willing to listen to others

Michael, from following Denyse's posts, I sense that Denyse
understands much more about Evolution than you intimate. She just
does not follow the paradigm of theistic evolution. I for one
greatly appreciate her bringing to us the insights of a very well
educated and experienced science writer.

If you are going to enter the fray, please speak to the scientific
considerations, and leave out the ad hominems. We could learn a
lot of biology from a respectful discussion of the empirical data.
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