Re: Church-State -- some history

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Date: Sun May 30 2004 - 15:21:57 EDT

From: "William Hamilton" <>

> Agreed. Still, if Christianity is true, then it ought to serve as an
> influence for good in society, and Christian influence should both be
> exerted on and welcomed by the government. (Some of what I say is of
> course true of other religions as well) But the "show no favoritism"
> attitude of government, which I believe is proper, too easily develops
> into an "exclude religion from the public square" mindset.
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This is the challenge for Christians under a humanist government, for there
is no such thing as neutrality for worldviews. When we as Christians affirm
that Jesus is Lord, then we immediately find ourselves in conflict with the
existing State.

The influence we have on this government should be but is clearly not
welcomed by it. Consequently, our role is a prophetic one. In its many
unbiblical entanglements with government institutions, however, American
Christianity has lost a credible prophetic voice to government and instead
seems to be largely attempting to patch over a system in rebellion against

Dennis Feucht
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