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From: Denyse O'Leary <>
Date: Mon May 31 2004 - 13:37:22 EDT

John W Burgeson wrote:
>>>>... Canada to decide what they stand for. They only
>>know what they do not stand for - Christianity!>>
> I wrote: "I understand that claim, but I don't know any grounds for it.
> Do you?"
>>>Well, in Canada, diversity rules, except for the fact that there have
> been many examples of explicit discrimination against Christianity.>>
> 1. Do you, then, dislike diversity? Do you see people different from you
> as a threat? I hope not.

The difficulty occurs when a government is
uncertain of the values by which it wishes to
govern. All roads do not lead in the same direction.

Sharia law, for example, has very different
implications for women than Ontario Family Court

> 2. Examples of discrimmination are anecdotal, and not usually grounds for
> a claim. Your article in the fundamentalist CHRISTIANITY TODAY is
> interesting, but hardly grounds for the claim.

Examples of discrimination are ALWAYS anecdotal,
by definition. The claim is only made when
people have decided to fight the discrimination.

In any event, I am not sure that any evidence
would convince you, in view of your statements

> (Yes, I know CT is not usually seen as fundy. I used to subscribe to it
> when it was less sure of itself and I was more conservative. I still read
> it at the library on occasion but it left me many many years ago. In many
> ways, I find the CHRISTIAN CENTURY equally offputting on the other side).

By the way, in case anyone is interested, my
book, "By Design or by Chance?", received a
favourable review in the Toronto Star.

Here is a bit of skinny:

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I am really pleased with this review of By
Design or by Chance?, not least because the
author takes pains to identify FACTS about the
controversy, rather than starting off with
opinions and staying there. Mind you, Kathy
Shaidle is good that way. She is best known as
the "relapsed Catholic" (= an ex-liberal, now
orthodox Catholic) - Denyse


May 29, 2004. 01:00 AM
Darwin vs. divine design
Toronto author tackles unending conflict between
science and religion, creationism and evolution
Even among creationists, biblical literalists
take issue with the intelligent design camp.

By Design Or By Chance:

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(or dead white males, depending on your point of
view) who dominated the thinking of the 20th
century -- Marx, Freud and Darwin -- only Darwin
is left. Will he follow Marx and Freud into

By Design Or By Chance

Jerome Lawrence co-wrote 39 plays, a dozen of
which made it to Broadway. When he died in March
at age 88, only one was mentioned in the first
line of every obituary: Inherit The Wind.

All these obits allowed that Inherit The Wind
(first staged in 1955, then filmed in 1960) was
"a fictionalized treatment of the Scopes Monkey
Trial" of 1925, when a Tennessee teacher faced
jail time for teaching evolution.

Just how fictional, few are aware. In her new
book By Design Or By Chance? The Growing
Controversy On The Origins Of Life In The
Universe, Toronto journalist Denyse O'Leary sets
the record straight:

"One Calvin College professor has been in the
habit of giving out a prize -- a coconut -- to
the student who spots the most historical errors
in the movie, after taking his `Monkey Trial'
course, which includes reading the trial
transcript. Over 70 errors have been identified
so far."

She calls Inherit The Wind "a propaganda movie"
that "teaches no biology whatsoever. It does,
however, teach contempt for evangelical

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