Re: sharia law allowed in Ontario

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Mon May 31 2004 - 12:31:01 EDT

>>>... Canada to decide what they stand for. They only
> know what they do not stand for - Christianity!>>
I wrote: "I understand that claim, but I don't know any grounds for it.
Do you?"

>>Well, in Canada, diversity rules, except for the fact that there have
been many examples of explicit discrimination against Christianity.>>

1. Do you, then, dislike diversity? Do you see people different from you
as a threat? I hope not.

2. Examples of discrimmination are anecdotal, and not usually grounds for
a claim. Your article in the fundamentalist CHRISTIANITY TODAY is
interesting, but hardly grounds for the claim.

(Yes, I know CT is not usually seen as fundy. I used to subscribe to it
when it was less sure of itself and I was more conservative. I still read
it at the library on occasion but it left me many many years ago. In many
ways, I find the CHRISTIAN CENTURY equally offputting on the other side).


Ubi Caritas

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