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> The link below leads to a most interesting article.
> I understand that W has stated publically that "the jury is still out" on
> evolution. I recall RR saying it more clearly.
> What will it mean to have a YEC in the White House?
> Since the mid-'70s the rise of religious conservatives in pop culture,
> publishing and politics has been a profound trend in American life,
> reaching its zenith, perhaps, in the "Left Behind" series -- and in the
> pastorate-presidency of George W. Bush. Newsweek outlines the history and
> shared objectives of President Bush and religious-right figure Tim
> LaHaye.

        While it isn't the most important thing here, it's worth noting that
the response of mainline Protestant & RC churches, theologians & writers to
the Left Behind phenomenon has been less than adequate. Of course they
reject much of its framework & may speak disdainfully of it but the make
little attempt to show people now un-biblical & in fact un-conservative the
whole pre-tribulation rapture scenario is. This is in fact an idea that no
one had ever heard of before the late 18th century & there is really no
biblical evidence for it, even with a quite conservative & "literal"
interpretation. But just as has with YECs, the pre-trib rapturists have
been allowed to claim the "Bible believers" ground in the popular mnd.

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