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From: Al Koop <>
Date: Fri May 28 2004 - 14:54:23 EDT

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Al Koop wrote:

> One person sent me a story from the weirdo talk shows that suggests
> these people were developing race sensitive pathogens. This would be
> very interesting development indeed since I am not even aware that we
> have any genetic markers for race yet, much less the ability to
> those differences!

DF: Race can often be determined from morphological differences in
remains. Skull shape is one racial distinction. If there are
characteristics I would think there must be genetic markers as well.

AK: I would think there are genetic markers as well, but I am not aware
that we know of any diagnostic markers, much less any functional
markers. But I might be wrong.

What is very fascinating is that the chimpanzee sequence will be out
later this year and we will get our first glimpse at what the functional
differences might be between humans and chimps. Just this week Nature
has published the comparison of the Chimp#22 chromosome with the Human
#21 (The one responsible for Down syndrome) There are many more
changes in gene sequences than expected. Apparently 20% of the genes
seem to be structurally different. But we don't know the functionally
genetic differences between chimps and humans, so I would think that
differences between ethnic human groups will be harder to come by.


As it says in the concluding paragraph, we probably need the gorilla
sequence also. And, I might add, all of the primate sequences. A great
era for comparative genetics.

Al Koop
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