Re: Hovind and Shermer

From: Howard J. Van Till <>
Date: Fri May 28 2004 - 10:23:45 EDT

On 5/27/04 5:02 PM, "Al Koop" <> wrote:

> At that site I found Michael Shermer's account of a debate he had with
> Kent Hovind in April of this year.
> I did not know that Shermer was an evangelical Christian who went to
> Pepperdine. The account of this creationist-evolutionist debate is a
> somewhat interesting one to read, even though I have read about 100 or
> these.


Yes, a very interesting reflection on Shermer's experience. He knows his
audience well.

Some time ago I was also invited to participate in a debate with Hovind. I
was skeptical about it from the beginning, but after the organizers assured
me of their highest motivations for a fruitful and positive experience, I
agreed to do it and hinted at my intentions to offer the audience something
along the lines of the "fully-gifted Creation perspective."

The organizers soon asked for more info on this perspective. I explained
that it would provide a view favorable to evolution (as requested) but that
I would would put it in the context of looking at this possibility as
evidence of God's creativity (in conceiving of a system of resources,
capabilities and potentialities that would would make evolution possible)
and of God's generosity (in giving such richness of being to the Creation).

They responded by dis-inviting me because they were looking for a "stronger
proponent of evolution." I think that meant that they wanted the evolution
proponent to be an atheist who could be hated, one who would not confuse the
audience by placing evolution in a Christian context.

At this point, I'm glad I was dis-invited. (I also sent them a bill for my
cancellation fee, but have not yet heard from them :)

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