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Date: Fri May 28 2004 - 09:45:48 EDT

>>> "Howard J. Van Till" <> 05/28/04 8:34 AM >>>

Two questions:

1. What is the size of this pool of people?

2. For a comparable control group, what would be the probability of
a similar number of persons who died under "strange circumstances"
after the fact?)? Is this another exercise in "cherry picking"?


It seems that the dead microbiolgists have generated more interest than
Hovind and Shermer. I had read of the strange case of Don Wiley's
disappearance and death in Science when it happened. He is a very
prominent researcher and the circumstances surrounding his death are
very strange. It obviously generated interest at the time because of
the anthrax terrorism. Thus when this 11 microbiologist death story
appeared I followed it.

The Skeptic asks the same questions you do, Howard. See the web site
for more information if you wish:

I thought I saw somewhere that the pool might be about 20,000

One person sent me a story from the weirdo talk shows that suggests
these people were developing race sensitive pathogens. This would be a
very interesting development indeed since I am not even aware that we
have any genetic markers for race yet, much less the ability to exploit
those differences!
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