Re: travel plans for ASA meeting (Sea-Tac to Canada)

From: Craig Rusbult <>
Date: Fri May 28 2004 - 01:19:48 EDT

    Here is my specific question:
    For the ASA annual meeting, is anyone planning to drive from
Seattle-Tacoma Airport to Trinity Western (and would like to share
the costs of a rental car with me) the evening of Thursday, July 22?
Or do you live in the Northwest (Seattle, Tacoma, Portland,...) and
will be driving up I-5 either Thursday evening or early Friday
morning? I used to live in Seattle and will want to visit people and
places, and I would want to keep the car for a whole week (until
Thursday, July 29) and would pay all of the rental for the extra days.

You can reply to me (and I'll coordinate any replies) and/or to the
Bulletin Board, in the "Seattle-Tacoma Airport" thread.

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